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The Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad (FRMS) is a nonprofit civilian volunteer organization that was formed in 1991 to provide support to the City of Richmond Mounted Squad. It consists of a volunteer board, supporting dues paying members and many others who support the Friends through the various projects undertaken by the group. Both events, the Richmond Ride and the Horse Show raise funds to provide supplemental financial support for activities, training and material goods not otherwise funded. All of the Friends-sponsored events raise public awareness for the mounted squad and their effectiveness as a law enforcement unit.

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A History Lesson from former Sgt. Robert A. Gray

(As reported in the January 16, 1995 Cobblestones)

I’m sure that all of you who have seen the Friends brochure have noticed the picture of the mounted officer identified as the oldest known member of the Richmond Mounted Squad.  He was Charles Henry Krouse, known by his fellow officers as “Alibi Charley”.  I’m pleased to say that several members of “Charley’s” family are members of the Friends, including his daughter, Mrs. Barbara Wells and his great-grandson, Master William Wells, III.

Charles Henry Krouse, a veteran of the Spanish-American War, was in Cuba when the American Flag was raised to indicate the end of the hostilities.  In 1906, following his discharge, he was hired with the “local Mounties”, allegedly the first of Richmond’s mounted policemen.  In 1909 he was wounded by an arsonist while responding to a fire on Hermitage Road.  Shot in the head, other officers loaded him into a wagon and carried him back to the station house (the police headquarters of the time).  Policemen being the ghouls that they are, I’m sure this was done so that everyone else could see the wound.  Anyway, Charley fooled them all by surviving the gunshot. He later returned to the force, although not to riding a horse, and carried on as a police officer until 1936 when he died at the age of 62 of complications to the head wound.

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